Sunday, March 30, 2014

Sunday Sodomy!

Sunday Sodomy! Ye thou I walk threw the country of the whiny and easily sodomized I have no fears. I sacrificed 12 slackers, 14 yorkies, a gynecologist and one blind clown to the Mighty Odin! I say bring back animal and human sacrifices. Lets spice up religion back to the good old days when it kept the people in line and there was no discussion about it. Imagine walking into whatever place of worship you goto. Everyone signs in at door and during the service they pick a random person out of a hat and that is the one that gets beheaded today YESSSSSSSSSSSS. For the glory of that god on that day you could bleed all over the altar for the greater good! All nonsense aside all you need to begin unfucking yourself is to believe in the Almighty Spirit you see in the mirror every day. Its pretty simple you are responsible for everything you do and you can't use some bullshit religion as an excuse not to do something. Accountability Leads to Vigorousity! AMEN YESSSSSSSSSS.~~~JONESY 

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