Thursday, March 27, 2014

Thursday Brobdingnagian!

Thursday Brobdingnagian! Another day your alive and another day to unfuck yourself. Fired up the gas chamber early this morning. Getting it warmed up for the line of the useless whiners who wait for their turn the end their miserable lives. The line is long and people seem to not be bothered waiting in a line to die. Content to be surrounded with fellow wastes of oxygen they are comforted with familiar surroundings it is like they were meant to be there. I'm sure they would really get moist of they were filming a reality show of this line of the damned. Maybe a few more people would get in line just to see what's going on when in reality there's shit going on. Just a bunch of zombies wasting their lives in that one long line to the gas chamber. Interesting how many of you are obsessed with zombies. I guess if you are one you can't help but be attracted to them huh? Get off the fuckin line and get to some unfuckin. Time to snap out of the propaganda you were fed and make your own rules and lay down a hot slap on life. Stand out instead of standing neck deep in the turd pile you share with the rest of the ass clowns. Don't get offended GET VIGOROUS YESSSSSSSSSSS.~~~ JONESY

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