Thursday, March 13, 2014

Thursday Feel the Brisk and Head butt a whiner!

Thursday Feel the Brisk and Head butt a whiner! Another day your alive and another chance to Unfuck yourself. The feminized and the pussified think they have it all figured out. The only thing they figured out is to de evolve into a lesser type of being. Weakend by a weak will and brow beatin by years of relentless bullshit fed to them by whoever shoved a spoon in their mouths. The process will not stop unless most of you wake up from your Tampon indused comas and commence to Unfuckin. Free will and doing and saying what you need to say and do without worrying about whether it's correct or not. Fuck that let the easily offended get bent over and sodomized daily since they look for it all the time. Inject the Bull Shark in your veins and get Vigorous! If your not in the fight your life will never go right....~~~ JONESY 3/13/14

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