Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Tuesday Smell My Vigorous!

Tuesday Smell My Vigorous! Another day your alive and another day you can unfuck yourself. I'm not giving up shit for lent that jive don't fly round here. Most of you dip your toe in the cold pool of religion but don't dive all in and that in lies the problem. Pick a side and move foreward. Ash Wednesday tomorrow come see me ill burn a Newport on your forehead, tell you your horoscope and give you a DVD of All in the Family! What I'm driving at is believe in that person you see in that mirror everyday. Believe in the one person that is in control and leaves no room for excuses for when shit goes bad it's on you. People have too many excuses and other things to blame for their own misery. Its because they put their faith in bullshit and gibberish and not themselves. Sets them up perfect to play the BLAME GAME all the time without any accountability on themselves. Giving up something for lent or getting Ashes will not unfuck yourself. You gotta get dirty and get in the fight. Warriors are not born they are made.~~~ JONESY 3/4/14

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