Friday, April 4, 2014

Friday Rub in the Moist and keep it Humid!

Friday Rub in the Moist and keep it Humid! Thanking god its Friday does not give sanctuary to the the weak and useless. The Big Bag of Sodomy does not take a break when most of you are bent over waiting to get violated. Expect bad shit to happen when you dwell on the negative and consume your life with jive and gibberish. Too afraid to unfuck yourself because your afraid to open up your own Pandoras Box. But it's ok to revel in others misery and consume yourself in whining about religion, Politics and traffic on Staten Island. No one cares about Staten Island. I can't wait for Godzilla to flatten that useless piece of land. That ends the traffic issues YESSSSSSSSSS. They say Misery loves company and most of you are blowing Misery daily and not afraid to swallow that load. The unfuckin starts when you realize it can get better. It will get better but you gotta get in that arena and fight! Most of you won't some of you will. Those few can walk beside me while we walk over the ones who gave up. Become useful in a world full of useless people.~~~ JONESY

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