Friday, April 25, 2014

Friday Smell the Vigorous!

Friday Smell the Vigorous! Suppression leads to Pussification. We all need a release and many of us bottle up our feelings afraid to offend or get in trouble for saying something wrong. Most of you whine and complain but that only makes you a poster child for abuse and the Big Bag of Sodomy. I've come to realize the biggest whiners and wastes of oxygen are the lazy and slackers in the area. They have no release except whining and eating. Polluting society with their uselessness. There is always a fix available for these poor souls. Commence the Unfuckin YESSSSSSSSSS. No quick fix Isounfuckgenix nonsense it's all about putting in the work. Overtime to unfuck the one thing you have been neglecting to work on for years, YOU. No bonus pay or paid vacations. The reward is a better, stronger and more Vigorous you. Or you can remain a shit stain on the underwear of life......~~~ JONESY

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