Monday, April 7, 2014


G.V.I.M. Another day your alive and another chance to Unfuck yourself. Are you even gonna attempt to unfuck yourself on April 7th? Four months into Unfuckin in the Fourteen and many of you are worse off. Sad excuses for men and women. Often misguided and confused by all the inane nonsense that consumes your lives. Sodomized daily by life but you don't even flinch anymore it's just part of your life now. Content and if I'm so bold to say happy to be the victim and always waiting for a hand out. The world owes you nothing. You owe it too yourself to unfuck what is not right, not me, not anyone else. Get in the fight or get in line for the gas chamber and let's thin out the herd. Or your already on the gas chamber line and your too dumb to realize it? Warriors are not born they are made.~~~ JONESY

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