Sunday, April 6, 2014

Sunday Sodomy!

Sunday Sodomy! Thou shall not whine of ye shall receiveth the Big Bag of Sodomy Daily YESSSSSSSSSS. Thou shall not consummate relations with a woman who calls her pets her children. Runneth away YESSSSSSSSSS. Thou shall bully the lazy and the slackers for they deserveth it YESSSSSSSSSS. Thou shall not be Lurking you will always be LURKIN YESSSSSSSSSS. Thou shall consume the mighty Squid Fluke only if it does not stinketh like month old flounder YESSSSSSSSSS. Thou shall walk the earth fighting and Unfucking thyself. That is the will of The Ayatollah of Vigorollah YESSSSSSSSSS. Ill also baptize your kid for 100 bucks and bottle of Captain Morgan but you really cant believe everything you read. Or can you? YESSSSSSSSSS.~~~JONESY

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