Thursday, April 24, 2014


Just because you can't smell your own stank of Whinaturdapussiosis others can. Not many since most people have the same time dire condition. Just like a non smoker walks into a room of smokers it's a nasty stank. Showering won't help it. Bathing in Drakkar won't help it. Rubbing your Mom's douche on yourself will not help it. Spraying FDS every three hours won't help your condition. The only thing that can help is to commence the Unfuckin. When you finally accept there are issues that need to get unfucked the process begins. When you take accountability for all your self imposed nonsense the stank will subside. The most useless people walking the planet are the lazy slackers and many of you are. Your choice to use your energy to change or remain stinking like the rest of the useless.~~~ JONESY

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