Thursday, April 3, 2014

Thursday Vigorousity!

Thursday Smell the Hot Stank of Vigorousity! Suppression leads to Pussification and most of you pray to the god Whinerpussicules. Enough with the watch what you say attitude and politically correct patting the offended on the head like a whining 5 year old. Do and say what you need to do to unfuck yourself since most people are not gonna say nothing they just get out the way talk shit about you to the rest of the whiny tampon chewers. Just get ready to back up what your doing and if you believe in what you are doing no one will get in your way. Most of you reading this are lost, weak minded, whiners who are becoming more lazy daily and need some unfuckin. I don't need to read a scientific study on this issue it is in plain site. Such is most of our society and most of you are "caught" in the system of the whiny and pussified. Bottom line is if your content to be a lazy, whiny, waste of life you deserve to get hit in the head with that Big Bag of Sodomy daily. Wake up and Smell the Vigorous or get the gas chamber line and wait to die. Warriors are not born they are made.~~~ JONESY 4/3/14

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