Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Tuesday Smell the Vigorous!

The Blame Game will always outsell X-Box or Play Station. The Blame Game will make more money then the lotto. Not in paper money but in valuable time wasted on whining and devising new excuses why its not your fault. "The Blame Gamers" since I'm trying to relate to a generation that call themselves gamers. If you are proud to call yourself a gamer and cannot perform 10 push ups you really should consider blowing a shotgun. Now "The Blame Gamers" make the regular gamers look like gladiators. These useless members of society are always miserable and scorned. But its not their fault. Its a plethora of other people and things that make them whiny tampon chewers. Most of you reading this are Blame Gamers and have Carpel Turd Syndrome from all the excessive playing of The Blame Game. Most of you need to realize that this game will never end until you realize that you are the problem. You always were the problem. There is always hope for some of you. You can live alone in house full of cats or dogs because you blame other people for your problems. That is giving up on life and you deserve to die alone in a pile of animal shit. Then when you die your precious babies will eat you because their is no one to feed them. The better scenario is to UNFUCK YOURSELF and hold yourself accountable for your own bullshit. Make a list of things to unfuck. No one needs to know of the list since your the only person that needs to work on it. Wipe out the nonsense on the list and life will get better. It wont be a fuckin Disney movie it will just get better. No one walking this planet is happy all the time. If you up your percentage of time you are happy then you are winning the battle. I've been in the fight for years and know what I need to behead and burn down. I will be in the fight till I die. Giving up or doing nothing you are already dead so pick up that axe and get into the fight YESSSSSSSSSS.~~~ JONESY 4/15/14

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