Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Wednesday Moist!

Sometimes you need to air out the laundry on someone. Good or bad it is necessary to get it out. Keeping shit bottled up is not good for yourself. I'm not talking texting or whining on TurdBook, InstaTurd or any other Social Loafin thing. Humans have a way to communicate it's called talking. Make a call or even better meet some one in person and shoot the breeze. Everything else is just useless and that is how it goes down around here. As Warrior said if all you can muster to say is I DISAGREE then just say that to the person. That is all you need to say. No need to explain yourself especially to a whiny slacker who has no clue anyway what is goin on. I DISAGREE YESSSSSSSSSS. Warriors are not born they are made.~~~ JONESY

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