Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Macho May 13th with extra anchovies!

Macho May 13th with extra anchovies! The early bird catches the worm huh. Jonesy eats the bird and the worm and headbutts whiners before 6am YESSSSSSSSSS. The snooze button is useless. Just get your slacker ass outta bed and get the day going. Another day your alive and another day to unfuck yourself. I get alot of Jonesy some people dont wanna be unfucked or they are unfuckable. I know this is the truth some people are so far gone there is no help. They gave up on themselves and more dangerous they look to suck others into their mess. Misery festers in the poor and in the well to do their is no separation. Sucking the glass pipe of gloom and loading it up with rocks of "why me" and "life is not fair" is just gonna lower you deeper into the turd pit that is your life. Inherently negative people are useless to me and I don't associate with them often. When I do I pin them out and act accordingly since I deal with the public all day I meet all kinds of people. Unless your one of them then all the bullshit you bathe yourself in all day is normal too you. But I digress from my point which is I believe everyone is capable of unfuckin themselves. Its simple this is when you wanna copy and paste.........Spend time planning a course of action to unfuck situations in your life. Whining does not solve anything just makes you look and sound like a useless waste of oxygen YESSSSSSSSSS. Warriors are not born they are made.~~~ JONESY

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