Monday, May 19, 2014

Macho May Monday the 19th

Macho May Monday the 19th YESSSSSSSSSS. Load up the Longships with the Vikings its time go on another raid. Plenty of villages of whiny and lazy to attack, pillage, burn them down, behead the men and rape the women! They are ripe for the picking which makes it easier to attack them. Those were the good old days and many of you now would not last a week. Society has pussified many of you and most of you have no idea. Walking around skipping with your Iphones listening to the Glee soundtrack. I'm speaking about most of the so called men around here. Most of you are not in control and will never be in control until you realize you are being controlled. Wake up and smell your own stank of pussification before its too late. Whining about it being a Monday and they fucked up your coffee you should be dragged to Times Square and beheaded. Place your head on a spear and a sign will say this is what we do to whiners. That would be vigorous but we live in civilized times and most of you are very lucky. Just remember there are many of us building Longships and gathering fellow warriors because we know everyday day is a fight to get what you want in this world. Or you are gonna be one of the many victims waiting for your door to get kicked in. Warriors are not born they are made.~~~JONESY

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