Sunday, May 18, 2014

Sunday Sodomy!

Sunday Sodomy! When you put your faith and beliefs in others you have an excuse to blame them and not yourself. Become a religious fanatic of the one mutha fucker who can make a difference.....YOU. Too many people grasp on to bullshit and become fanatical over jive and gibberish. The voodoo of uselessness infests many of you and you have no idea your involved. Holding yourself accountable leaves no one else to blame. That is scary for many people who believe they need a helping hand in their lives. Everyone needs help one time or another that's a given. If your constantly needing help and walking around looking for a hand out instead of a hand up your a lazy sack of useless. I built my altar to Jonesy a long time ago. I'm the one I make sacrifices to. I'm the one I offer praise to and also spit upon when I shit goes wrong. I'm hold myself accountable no one else. When are you gonna build your own altar? Or are you just gonna put your faith in a heaping pile of bullshit like the majority does? Hose off that stank and Get Vigorous.~~~ JONESY

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