Monday, June 2, 2014

Monday Smell the Hot Hash!

Monday Smell the Hot Hash! Everyday should be a Monday YESSSSSSSSSS, Everyday you should read a shitty horoscope about yourself YESSSSSSSSSS. Everyday you should be stuck in traffic YESSSSSSSSSS. Everyday you should have a shitty day at work at your shitty job YESSSSSSSSSS. Everyday you should be bullied and made to cry YESSSSSSSSSS. Self inflicted sodomy most of you do to yourselves is preventable. Without fail most of you everyday open the Big Bag of Sodomy and grab something to abuse yourself with. You enjoy adding to the already tough life with more jive and gibberish to complicate life with. Useless people covet useless nonsense. Do the world a favor and head to to nearest pet hospital and asked to be put down humanely like a dying dog. Thin out the herd and keep the ones that wanna fight and unfuck moving forward. Get Vigorous its Monday because everyday is a Monday YESSSSSSSSSS. ~~~JONESY 

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