Thursday, June 12, 2014

Thursday headbutt a whiner and break their I-phone!

Respect honesty when it is given to you. You seek out advice or help and you don't like what you are told. Well time to pull out the tampon your sucking on and take the hot slap of how it really is. It might sting for a second but if your doing something wrong and are told how it is from SOMEONE WHO KNOWS THEIR SHIT it will only make you more vigorous. We don't live in Candy Land even if most of you think you do. I took a chainsaw to my Candy Land a long time ago. How are you gonna unfuck yourself if you are afraid to be told or avoid being told your doing shit wrong? "Ignorance is bliss" lol another turd cliche written by an ass clown. Most of you don't know what to ignore or you ignore what needs to get unfucked. The path of the useless is well traveled. The path of the Vigorous has not been made yet. You gotta make your own YESSSSSSSSSS.~~~ JONESY 6/12/14

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