Monday, July 7, 2014

Smell the Monday Hot Hash!

Since everything is offensive and the thin skinned majority developed a tampon chewing addiction say what you want. Say what you need to say and you are responsible for what you say and not what others understand. Someone will not agree with you that is a given. Shit most of the stuff spewed around here don't sit right with me but many of you spew the same shit in unison. Same shit different turds which leads me to believe that many of you do not think for yourselves. That is the problem above all the other petty bullshit. Unfuckin begins when you acknowledge whats needs to get unfucked. We all have shit we need to fix but many of you are in denial. Excuses are for the the weak minded so I'm safe to assume many of you are weak minded. Be proactive instead of inactive and get in the fight. Warriors deal and the whiners squeal YESSSSSSSSSS.~~~JONESY

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