Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Wednesday Moist

Wednesday Moist and steaming Hot Hash on the pavement YESSSSSSSSSS. USA lost in the Turd Cup so what are bandwagon turds gonna like now? Gas chamber Zumba sounds fun for them YESSSSSSSSSS. Soccer is sodomy on a grass field and is used to humanely euthanize dying animals YESSSSSSSSSS. A person who always has an excuse also is weak minded YESSSSSSSSSS. Louie Vega Saturday on Coney Island YESSSSSSSSSS. The right time is now to commence some unfuckin YESSSSSSSSSS. I'm here for a hand up to help you. Hand outs are for the lazy and useless and that shit don't play around here YESSSSSSSSSS. In between all the bullshit and jive there is the truth. Are you Vigorous and smart enough to find it? Warriors are not born they are made. ~ ~ ~ JONESY

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