Wednesday, July 30, 2014

You want the world to end

You want the world to end...........You want the world to end since it is so horrible. Many of you seem to believe it is so bad that the only solution is to collectively whine and complain. That is your solution to the problem. You are part of the problem. You are more of a problem then most other nonsense going on. Spewing useless jive without a plan or a course of action. It is a waste of time and in turn makes you a waste of life. You wanna run your mouth you better have a plan to fix the problem. If not why would you announce to the world your a useless individual. You proudly do because there are a plethora of you lurking all over. So your logic is if everyone is the same it must make it right......right? Nope, with that logic you will never unfuck yourself and the others will hold you down from changing. Sometimes you need to step away from useless people and move on. Vigorous people make tough decisions and strive on YESSSSSSSSSS. The world is not perfect and neither are you. So unfuck your little world and maybe the bigger world will get better................JONESY

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