Thursday, August 7, 2014

Thursday smell the Vigorous on the grill with the baby lamb chops!

Thursday smell the Vigorous on the grill with the baby lamb chops! 
With all the things you can do to get you manatee or skinny fat out of shape ass off the couch many of you do nothing. (Skinny fat- A person who is not overweight and have skinny look but still have a high fat percentage and low muscular mass. Usually those people have a low caloric diet, that's why they are skinny, but are not involved in any sports activities or training and that's why they don’t have any muscle.)
Off the top of my head you, walk, speed walk, swim, jump rope, boxing, kick boxing, biking, kayaking, rowing, power lift, bodybuilding, strongman, tennis, squash, racquetball, zumba, crossshit, yoga, pilates, boot camp circuit training, hiking, Brazilian Jujitsu, jazzercise, aerobics, silver sneakers, headbutting walls and rock climbing. There are more but you should get the jist of it. You do NOTHING YESSSSSSSSSS.
This is what you strive to do daily along with the rest of the useless people around........whine, gripe, moan,wail, wimper, grumble, sob, chew on tampons, waste oxygen, look for hand outs, play the blame game, take pictures of food, watch reality TV, pick lint out of your rolls of fat, go tanning because "If you can't tone it you tan it", whine some more, pass out walking your dog, pass out tying your shoes, get in your car to go 5 blocks, your 6 year old chokes you out, your 40 you look 60, your 30 you look 50, bemoan, fuss, wear spanx, buy fiber one cookies and not do anything Vigorous! This is what you do. This is what your legacy will be if you don't commence to some unfuckin YESSSSSSSSSS. Everyday is a battle and if you don't think so you are part of the problem.~~~JONESY

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