Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Wednesday get the Hot Hash while it's still moist!

Gonna give everyone their horoscope for today. Don't give a fuck what sign you are the only sign you should be worried about is a STOP sign. Stop the consuming and absorbing of jive and gibberish. Stop the whining and playing the blame game. It does not solve anything and makes you look and sound weak and useless. Stop looking for Easy Street. Easy street leads to no where if you wanna get vigorous. Don't be afraid to put in some work and get dirty. You just might unfuck yourself. Sometimes in life you need to destroy in order to rebuild. Most of you rather ferment and keep spackling in the same bullshit that is your life. Don't believe all the hype you consume. Most of it is unfit for human consumption. Warriors are not born they are made. ~~~ JONESY

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