Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Wednesday smell the hot hash YESSSSSSSSSS

Wednesday smell the hot hash YESSSSSSSSSS. Had my eggs with Ebola and gluten for breakfast YESSSSSSSSSS. Sometimes you need to shut up an listen because you don't know shit YESSSSSSSSSS. My politics.........I'm a registered Whogivesafuckacrat. My religion..........I sacrifice whiners and animals to the altar of myself YESSSSSSSSSS. What I find useless..........most people and most information floating around the area YESSSSSSSSSS. I covet accountability and the people who put in the work to be Vigorous YESSSSSSSSSS. The rest of you can join the party or keep bent over waiting for life to sodomize you YESSSSSSSSSS. Every day is a fight and if you don't realize that then you are part of the problem YESSSSSSSSSS.~~~JONESY

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