Monday, September 15, 2014

G.V.I.M. (Get Vigorous it's Monday)

Since you are reading this and you have not committed suicide because it Monday, congratulations you can get to some unfuckin. To unfuck yourself does not necessarily mean get in the gym and get into shape. Unfuckin is more about getting rid of the useless mental baggage we all carry around, We are all bombarded daily with tons of useless jive. Whether it is personal or some second hand nonsense that has nothing to do with you but you take it personally. Collecting gibberish over the years it becomes a part of your being, your persona, what you are and what you project on others. The mental fight is where the battles take place alongside with the physical. Everyone reading this should be doing some sort of activities that does not concern a cell phone and sitting on a couch. You feel good about yourself on the outside helps you feel better on the inside. Drink more water (12 big glasses at least) and walk a half hour everyday. At the minimum that's what someone whose been doing nothing should start doing. Get the process started and wipe out that virus I call lazy out of your system. Time to thin the herds of the Lazy and inject some Vigortosterone in the veins YESSSSSSSSSS. Lazy is ugly and Vigorous is beautiful.~~~JONESY

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