Sunday, September 14, 2014

Sunday Sodomy!

I sacrificed 14 whiners, 7 I-phones, 4 Yorkies, 6 goats and 1 clown to the almighty Odin! Another day your breathing and another day you can get to some unfuckin. Putting your faith in anything else but yourself is a waste of time. If you but your faith in others or other believe systems there is a great chance you will be let down. Then you will have an excuse why shit went wrong. Your gonna blame outside influences. That is pretty convenient for most of you since you play the "Blame Game" all your lives. Just like all you whiny, beat up, scorned and angry broads out there. Spewing your man hate nonsense. Its always the mans fault never yours. Lemme see one woman own up to fuckin shit up.Then go on a tangent on how she fucked up for a few days letting everyone know she fucked up. Or better yet shut the fuck up and deal with it. With that being said, leave your faith in the almighty being that is YOU YESSSSSSSSSS. The world needs more Snake Plisskens and no more Sheldon Coopers..........Don't get offended get Vigorous.~~~JONESY~~~

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