Tuesday, January 13, 2015


You are a frequent whiner you should just drop dead YESSSSSSSSSS.
You say all men are jerks you will always be alone and live with 100 cats and peanut butter YESSSSSSSSSS.
You constantly use the terms REAL or REAL TALK you really need to give a shotgun a blowjob YESSSSSSSSSS.
You whine about your shit job and do nothing to change it you should be stuck there until you die in your job scorned and angry YESSSSSSSSSS.
You say all women are crazy you will die alone with your flesh light Lulu YESSSSSSSSSS.
You text and drive you should crash and the air bag powder blinds you for life YESSSSSSSSSS.
You Jay Walk you should get hit like in the game Frogger and that would be the end of you YESSSSSSSSSS.
You are easily offended then you are easily bullied and abused YESSSSSSSSSS.
Jets and Mets fans you deal with enough already YESSSSSSSSSS.
You say you love animals more then humans you will be gang raped by 4 horses and a walrus YESSSSSSSSSS. 
You whine about traffic you should get into a accident and live the rest of your life drinking your food YESSSSSSSSSS. 
You whine about being sick may your illness get worse YESSSSSSSSSS.
You think the world owes you something the world will dump a whole barrel full of sodomy on your useless ass YESSSSSSSSSS. 
You complain about the weather you should be hit by lightning, sucked up in a tornado and dropped on a wrought iron fence YESSSSSSSSSS.
You are gonna juice cleanse huh? Better off shoveling a garden hose up your ass YESSSSSSSSSS.
Jonesy's 30 day challenge...........Gonna lock you in a room with a crossfitter, a vegan, Al Sharpton, the floozies from the view and a skunk. You survive that i'll be impressed YESSSSSSSSSSS.
If you whine about being fat or out of shape and do nothing about it you will gain more weight and have to used deodorant on your chin rolls YESSSSSSSSSS.
Life is what you make and many of you make it shitty and unvigorous. Never too late to unfuck and Get Vigorous. Have a wonderful day and always remember JONESY CARES YESSSSSSSSSS.

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