Tuesday, February 3, 2015


Life is not fair.
Life will sodomize you daily.
Life is beautiful.
Life is ugly.
Life brings joy.
Life will have you do dumb things.
Life will have you do smart things.
Life will make you cry.
Life will make you laugh.
Life will bully you.
Life will uplift you.
Life does not last long.
Eventually life will kill you.
Now that things are clear go out there and unfuck, get Vigorous and tell life I'm not going down without a fight. Be prepared for the good and the bad because they both come out of no where. The weak ask "why me" while the Vigorous say "Bring that shit to me". There is always a choice how to handle life. Most of you just like to get handled YESSSSSSSSSS.~ ~ ~ JONESY

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