Wednesday, June 24, 2015


Another day I raise my Confederate Flag and get to some getting Vigorous and some unfuckin. I prepped some chinese steamed dog for lunch last night while writing a check to become a member of the NRA. Put on my White Pride tee shirt and pissed on a bible then headed out to work. Bullied a few whiners and obese people on the subway with my legs spread wide so there was no room for a pregnant foreign broad to sit. Told a whiner who asked me who I wanted to be President I answered did they finish cloning Hitler this country needs a severe unfuckin. Also sent money to Japan to keep killing whales and to send me a few flippers and Whale milk. Other the that it's just another ordinary Wednesday getting Vigorous and unfuckin. Don't get offended Get Vigorous you easily pissed off whiners YESSSSSSSSSS LOL.