Sunday, October 4, 2015


How to Become a Unholy Unfuckin Machine....

1. Get off your knees praying and start Unfuckin.
2 Animals are not humans. Cut the bullshit, put down the peanut butter and interact with humans.
3. Whining.....You do it you are a waste of life and should choke on the tampon you are chewing. 
4. Get strong......being weak is not a admirable trait.
5. Women learn how to cook and maybe you can keep a man happy. 
6. Men learn how to cook because eating take out crap will make you fat and Unvigorous.
7. Toss your are just another slave to consumption.
8. Walk more and you might stop wheezing while you tie your shoes.
9. Stop regurgitating other people's bullshit and jive. You pride yourself on being "Real" when you are really dumb and full of shit.
10. There is no god that will get you Vigorous. You will get you Vigorous. 

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