Tuesday, January 12, 2016


The Gym..........

Leave your phone off the gym floor. Most of you more worried about taking pictures like a bunch tool bags instead of putting in the work. Most of you look like you don't do anything but take pictures of yourselves. Again you have insecurity issues and are weak and whiny. Looking for likes from people who never touched a barbell is just as pathetic as you posing in front of the dumbbell rack. Just because the other TURDS are doing it so you should right? I'm in the fitness business and I have an excuse to take pictures of myself in the gym. I don't and I don't care. When I train I want to get my work in. If you have time to fart around taking pictures of yourselves then you are not pushing yourself enough. And for many of you it shows. Get Serious, unfuck yourself and get vigorous then you can take all the damn pictures of yourself at the beach. Let the fat and the out of shape in the clothes take the pictures since they want no part in them pictures of a Vigorous you. 
~~~ JONESY ~~~

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