Monday, February 1, 2016


Everyone has them. There is no escaping this fact. How you handle them is the issue. Right off the bat most of peoples opinions are worth dog shit. Most of you just talk out of your ass and know pretty much nothing about a variety of things. Stick to watching Grease live and reality TV you're better off not opening your mouth. Strong people are not swayed by the opinion of the weak and whiny. Since the majority of you are weak and whiny you really just should say nothing and unfuck your own bullshit. Very few women's opinions pull any weight with me. Since the majority of you just like like to run your mouths just to say things. A good rule of thumb goes like this..... I DON'T CARE. You can say it to yourself or say it to the person who's talking to you. You can give any opinion weight if you let it. We carry enough bullshit around with us daily and there is no need for someone's bullshit to weigh you down more. Thank Jonesy it's Monday, Stop Whining, Unfuck Yourself and Get Vigorous. 
~~~ JONESY ~~~

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