Tuesday, March 1, 2016


I approve of both. A lot of useless animals and humans around might as well clean house. Understanding that people are emotionally attached to both certain humans and animals then you can protect them. Some of you have developed unhealthy obsessions with animals. Cut the bullshit you are not gonna save them all. Not all of them are worth saving. Many of them are a result of human greed and waste. Worry about unfuckin yourself and having real children to help this country grow. 
Human sacrifices have been going on forever. Nothing like a good be heading once and a while to keep the unruly in line. Plenty of useless people around we can bring back the good old days of the Roman Coliseum. Nothing like a few rapists being mauled by a few Grizzly Bears. My favorite let's make The Running Man happen. Anyone who does not know this reference your on the useless list HA. So in conclusion stop whining, Unfuck yourself and get vigorous. Be a useful member of society and not one of the many useless wastes of oxygen.
~~~ JONESY ~~~

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