Thursday, March 10, 2016


Modern and "civilized" times are making most men weak and useless. As Jack Donovan wrote in his book The Way of Men technology and modern times has diminished the roles of men. Men today are not expected to pick up a spear and go hunting for food. Men today do not have to fend off rival groups and defend his turf. Men today are now are just part of the mass of mediocrity most people call living. 
Also men need an outlet to release all the energy that we carry around. Years ago many men had jobs that require heavy labor. Yes today we have brothers who have manual labor jobs. More men have sedentary 9-5 slow death jobs. Most men today would rather play violent video games and masterbate to online porn then go engage in a vigorous activity and actually go fuck a real woman. Men need a release to be a man and many of you are holding back. Why you may ask? It's because of all this feminized jive about political correctness and the fear of being labeled as a sexist, misogynist, caveman, medieval or whatever the new word is of the day. The Progressives use these words and political correctness to keep men in line. They don't want men to be men. They want men to be subservient dogs to deny them how it is to be a man. Well myself and others do not buy into their bullshit. We still hold onto principles and values from the old school and our fathers. And we know for damn sure that the opinions of the weak DO NOT sway the beliefs of the STRONG AND VIGOROUS. So get off the computer, break your game console, go lift heavy weights, join a boxing gym, muay thai, BJJ, kickboxing, kung fu or whatever you like to do. Just get off your ass and use that testosterone we have in our bodies. 
Be a Man 
Stop Whining 
Stop whacking off
Get Strong 
Unfuck Yourself 
Get Vigorous

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