Monday, March 21, 2016


Can you smell that pussified stank in the air? 
Can you feel the shiver running down your spine? 
Do you walk out of your house waiting to get offended? 
Do you whine about how bad your life is and you want everyone to know? 
Do you blame everyone else but yourself for the mess of a life you have? 
Do you feel life owes you something and you been waiting for it for a while? 
It's never you it's always someone else? 
Everyday is a Greek tragedy and you are the lead character? 
Your ass is sore from life sodomizing you daily and you don't know why? 
If you said yes to two or more of these questions you need to seriously think about unfuckin yourself. Make a list and cross off each thing you get rid of until they are all gone. Get in the fight until you get shit right! 
~~~ JONESY ~~~

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