Monday, March 28, 2016


No difference in days just your weak and pussified perspective on life..... IT'S UNFUCKIN TIME.
Many of you should consider suicide since life is so unfair and hard..... IT'S UNFUCKIN TIME.
Stop checking into the gym. Many of you do not look like you made any progress in the 400 times you checked in. Maybe it's time for a trainer.....IT'S UNFUCKIN TIME.
TURDOSEXUAL~ A useless man. Manly feminized and listens to woman and others how to act. Forgot or never knew how to be a man.....IT'S UNFUCKIN TIME.
You say you love animals more than humans you will be gang raped by 4 horses and a walrus.....IT'S UNFUCKIN TIME.
Since MMA is legal in NYC I want the Mayor Pinko Homo Deturdio in the Octagon he needs a beating..... IT'S UNFUCKIN TIME.
You say all men are jerks you will always be alone and live with 100 cats and peanut butter.....IT'S UNFUCKIN TIME.
You constantly use the terms REAL or REAL TALK you really need to give a shotgun a blowjob.....IT'S UNFUCKIN TIME.
Vegans make me laugh and all your bullshit propaganda posts just make me wanna have veal cutlet hero.....IT'S UNFUCKIN TIME.
You whine about your shit job and do nothing to change it you should be stuck there until you die in your job scorned and angry.....IT'S UNFUCKIN TIME.
You say all women are crazy you will die alone with your flesh light Lulu.....IT'S UNFUCKIN TIME.
You text and drive you should crash and the air bag powder blinds you for life.....IT'S UNFUCKIN TIME.
You Jaywalk you should get hit like in the game Frogger and that would be the end of you.....IT'S UNFUCKIN TIME.
You are easily offended then you are easily bullied and abused.....IT'S UNFUCKIN TIME.
If you are easily offended get off the damn computer or phone and unfuck why you are a whiny waste of life.....IT'S UNFUCKIN TIME.
We all got a lot of work to do yet many of you are to weak and useless to put in the overtime. 
~~~ JONESY " The Ayatollah of Vigorollah" Vigorous

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