Thursday, April 7, 2016


Many of you have an unhealthy obsession with certain animals especially cats and dogs. Post all sorts of jive and nonsense about cats and dogs calling for people to be killed because they abuse them sometimes. Yet many of you will go get a yummy burger, chicken, lobster, steak or pork chops without blinking an eye. Selective caring is running wild with many of you. This is one thing I can agree with the Vegans. You care so deeply about one animal but not the others. Either go all in or cut your hypocritical bullshit and stop whining. 
Your belief system is as useless as someone who is selectively religious. Only shows up on the big holidays and says they are religious. Cut your shit just go heathen like me and stop the jive turkey pious nonsense. 
In conclusion pick a side or stop whining. I'm on team EAT THEM ALL because if shit gets hectic anything is fair game for me to hunt and eat. 
Caveman Rules
Stop Whining 
Don't worry I won't eat your Yorkie
Unfuck Yourself 
Get Vigorous 

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