Tuesday, April 26, 2016

When a man SHOULD use the ladies room...


Updated and Invigorated....
He liked the movie Train wreck.
Wears workout gloves.
Consumes soy.
Thinks golf is a sport.
Watches reality TV. 
Thinks softball is exercise.
Voting for Hillary. 
Watches Big Bang Theory.
Proclaims he's a male feminist. 
Owns 40 pairs of Jordans but can't tie them without sweating.
Owns 40 pairs of Jordans and is white.
Owns 40 pairs of Jordans and can't do 30 pushups. 
Owns 40 pairs of Jordans and gets no ass. 
Owns 40 pairs of Jordans and likes Amy Schumer.
Eats Chipotle. 
Can't do 10 pullups.
Eat Mcdonalds. 
Eats Burger King.
When he gets to the bar and does not know what he wants to drink.
Uses Axe. 
Wears a FITBIT.
Never saw Revenge of The Nerds.
Has a go charger on his phone.
Orders Pineapple on a pizza.
Owns a Beyonce CD.
Does not eat egg yolks.
Never watched The Warriors.
Never went a Billy Joel concert.
Does not want to be a part of their children's lives.
Makes no attempts to get stronger.
Get Manicures.
Get pedicures.
Takes pictures of them getting a manicure or pedicure they also sit to piss like a woman. 
Do not bend the brim of their baseball hats.
Wheres pink. 
Drives a smart Car 
Never got punched in the face.
Digs the insides of a bagel out.
Does Zumba.
Chronic excuse spewer. 
Never played dodgeball.
Orders a prostitute to talk.
Owns Uggs. 
Never heard Edmund Sizzahandz Bini spin live. 
Drinks craft beers.
Has a beard but calls AAA to change a flat. 
Drinks alcohol with any fruit flavoring.
Never bought, ninja stars, nunchucks, and fireworks in Chinatown. 
Does not know what Saloogi is. 
Easily offended and whiny.
Does not own a bottle of Drakkar.
Loves being in "THE FRIEND ZONE"
Can't cook.
Get's offended by reading this. 
Owns an Iphone.
Thought Max Max Fury Road was great.
He hasn't mastered the art of LURKIN.
Eat veggie burgers.
Eats Chobani.
Fits into women's jeans.
Voted for De Blasio. 
Uses purell.
Watches Lifetime 
Threaten to leave the Country if Trump wins.
Drinks Mojitos.
Drinks a Macchiato. 
Gluten Free. 
Waits in line to buy video games.
Pays for internet porn.
Feels the Bern
Michael Juice Mandola
Takes selfies.
Listens to Reggaeton. 
Has more women friends than men.
Does not perform any vigorous activities.
Thinks Melissa Mccarthy is funny.
Wears anything with Brooklyn on it and still lives there.
Sits on the subway.
Uses those smiling faces in texts.
Any more feel free to comment ill add to the list.

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