Thursday, May 26, 2016


Many people these days are trying so hard to be inferior. Many men work so hard and put in overtime to not be a man. They are striving to be an inferior woman. 
Many women who are working hard not to be women. They are trying so hard and working overtime just to be an inferior man. 
In our society of Pussification and progressive and weak thinking most people think this is ok. Well it's not and here's the simple answer. You can't change what you are. Sure you can morph into a he- floozy or a she- mutant and all you are doing is making yourself inferior. If you deny what you are you are inferior. Especially since the majority of you spew nonsense like everyone is fake and no one is "REAL". Cut the bullshit you are fake and you are not real.
Since many of you are inferior how can we all be equal? That bullshit is spewed by the same weak and whiny people who are trying so hard to be inferior. Equality is a false god and the people praying to be inferior are not my equal. The strong and Vigorous know what they are and try to make themselves the best version of themselves. Not striving be what they are not and not buying into liberal progressive bullshit. Be a Vigorous man or a Vigorous woman and not a asexual mutant of Pussification.
Stop Whining 
Unfuck yourself 
Get Vigorous 

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