Tuesday, June 7, 2016


I thank no one but myself for it being a Tuesday and myself being the Cro Magnon Moist Viking of Vigorousity!

Harambe, Muhammad Ali and Kimbo Slice all dead.......Who cares unfuck yourself and Get Vigorous.

Weak people false idol worship and there is a shit ton of weak. Predators smell weak and it reeks of tampon and your mother's cheap perfume.

The opinions of the weak and whiny do not sway the Strong and Vigorous. Life's not fair and by you being weak and whiny just makes your life harder.

I do not have to agree or like anything that is spewed by the weak and whiny. Anything said by the weak and whiny is useless. Just knowing I am better then the weak and whiny is enough.
NO WE ARE NOT EQUAL NOR THE SAME. That's the bullshit the weak and whiny want the majority to believe.
The game of life has no rules even though many of you want our government to get involved more. These people are weak and whiny. You wastes of oxygen are all babies still sucking on your mother's hairy nipple. These are the Hillary and Sanders supporters. They want a mother not a leader.

In the end nothing matters but your own little piece of this world. You can waste it by being weak and whiny or Get Vigorous............


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