Thursday, July 14, 2016


If it is so bad I think many of you want it worse. Let civilization end as we know it. I'm all for it. There is alot of tension and hate that needs to be unfucked. The majority of you would all be dead along with your children since many of you are feeble and weak. All your precious cats and dogs will be killed, gutted and eaten. Maybe the women would be spared to be used as sex slaves until they get beat up then get killed. if I were many of you I should watch Mad Max.....The Road Warrior because that's what I envision. If shit keeps going the way it is it will happen. I will be in an armored up truck with a chainsaw, axe, Mini Gun, blasting Tom Jones chasing down the weak and whiny. The Lord VIGORMUNGUS.........The Ayatollah of Vigorollah! 
Most of you don't know how good you got it. Life is not fair and many of us are out there making it the best they can. The rest of you should be hunted down and beheaded for being whiny wastes of oxygen.
It's not so bad you are just weak and whiny.

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