Wednesday, September 28, 2016


Since many of you have an unhealthy obsession with animals wouldn't you want to live like your beloved beasts. So the first thing that came to mind is the mighty lion. The dominant male has a bunch of lionesses he protects and mates with. His job is to protect his pride from other male lions or whatever comes his way. When another male lion challenges him for his pride they fight and sometimes to the death. If the new male wins he kills all the cubs from the previous male then fucks the females to keep his legacy going. IMAGINE if this was how we lived today in our society. Someone wants your woman and you have no choice but to fight or run away. No weapons just hand to hand combat. You can fight till one dies or taps out. Then the winner takes your woman and can kill your kids. If you can't defend your family are you really a man? Our society would be a whole lot different. As I was writing this there are many single moms out there with no man around to defend the turf. This is what is really wrong around here. The traditional American family is dying and you see what is happening because of it. Old school principles and values are now deemed out of date of sexist by whiny women and feminized men. This is a whole other issue and I pontificated on this many times. I am here and I am vigorous. You wanna join the gang you need to pass initiation.............
Establish Dominance
Stop Whining 
Unfuck Yourself 
Get Vigorous

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