Thursday, November 24, 2016


Thanksgiving is for women, kids, old people and feminized men who take selfies while jerking off their uncle in the men's room at Outback.
Vigorousgiving is for everyone else who does not fall in line with the normal jive.
1. Anyone fat and or out of shape should be doing burpees and pullups all day. This goes for the majority of you since most people are fat and or out of shape. So if you have a heart attack today that's on you.
2. Whiners will eat on the floor with the dog. Don't waste good food on these people Alpo Turkey and Sardine Moist Mix will do. This year there is gonna be a shit ton of people eating off the floor.............IT'S TRUMPIN TIME!
3. Fathers who neglect their children especially if they have sons should hang themselves before the 4pm football game. You are not a man and do not deserve any dessert.
4. I eat turkey three times a week where's my Loin of Pork Broads?
5. Biology and genetics are more important than people's hurt feelings and their delusional outlook on life.
6. Hipsters are not human. They are Evil Elves (thanks Jack Donovan).
8. We are not equal and we are not the same.
9. Women who post man hate jive or stupidity about what a real man is you will die alone or with a house full of cats or dogs.
10. Women cook and floozies burn water.
11. Men that blame women for their relationship issues are not men. It's on you wimp stop with the selfies and smiley faces in texts maybe you will get some.
12. If you whine about being fat or out of shape and do nothing about it you will gain more weight and have to use deodorant on your chin rolls.
Life is what you make and many of you make it shitty and unvigorous. Never too late to unfuck and Get Vigorous. Have a wonderful day and always remember JONESY CARES.


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