Thursday, November 17, 2016


Men who take selfies are feminized and on their way to sucking dick and watching reality TV.
Gym Selfies........worry about lifting then taking pictures of your out of shape ass. 
*** 10 pictures minimum I gave you some slack****

Men and makeup. Unless you are going on TV there is no place for it. Feminized and weak you are. Men are not supposed to be pretty. Women and aliens from the planet Fagatron are pretty.

Macchiato is not coffee. It's estrogen in a coffee cup. Just say no.

Men who use smileys in texts. Again you feminized and weak. Men express emotion in person and not with feminized crap that's on a phone. Just because it's there does not me you can use it.

Manicure and pedicure pictures. No wiggle room here you take it up the ass while singing Donna Summer.

Real men do not wear pink. Plenty of other shit to wear.

A weak man is a useless man. If you cannot do your age in push-ups you are weak and useless.

In a society that is trying to eliminate the masculine male sometimes we fuck up. Many of you are so feminized and brainwashed by women you are lost in the tampon pile of Pussification.

Stop Whining 
Unfuck yourself 
Get Vigorous 

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