Tuesday, November 15, 2016


Political Correctness is a cancer and I carry a big axe and been chopping off tumors for years. Feeding these tumors of whining and pussification to the ones who spread it......
- Women in political power who mother instead of lead.
- Feminized men in political power mother not lead.
- Feminists
- Weak and whiny men who gave up being men. 
- Liberals
- Men that whine.
- Self hating white people.
- You have white guilt.
- You think real men wear pink. 
- Those who voted for Cuntapatamus Clinton.
- Mayor De Blasio 
- Men who think violence is not necessary
- Men who are not trained in violence.
- You own a Prius. 
- Men who take selfies and wear cover up.
- Women who don't wanna be mothers. 
- Women who call their pets their children. 
- A man listens to women on how to be a man.
- Men who are not strong. 
- Women who weigh more then me and covered in tattoos. 
- People who get easily offended.
- Anyone wearing a safety pin. 
- Any man who uses smileys in texts. 
- A man who brunches
- Almost done president Turdbama. 
- Anyone who thinks there is more then 2 genders.
- Anyone who watches Big Bang Theory.
- Women with more hair then me.
Stop Whining 
Unfuck yourself 
Get Vigorous 

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