Sunday, January 1, 2017


Political Correctness will die and I'm it's serial killer.

The Old School will become law.

There are places that you do not need to take a picture. Is taking pictures in a cemetary appropriate? I mentioned this awhile ago and that shit don't sit right with me. I visited many friends and family and the last thing I wanted to do it take a picture.

Its PRESIDENT TRUMP so all you whiny tampon chewers dig a hole and see you in 8 years. Or even better just kill yourself. You are not prepared for life. You can't handle losing or strife.

I will assume your gender.

I will offend you.

Big is not beautiful.

Refugees are not welcome.

The media is a joke.

Dependency is slavery and everyone on public assistance is a slave.

A dead jew on a cross won't save me. I will save me since I am the be all end all in my world.

No tears for strangers. Caring about everyone and everything makes you weak and useless. Take care of your family and close friends....your gang, your crew, your tribe.......You will not unfuck the world.

Any man taking a selfie in the 2017 is feminized and weak. Any man taking selfies will be downgraded to Feminized Fruit basket of Useless. Be a man have a broad take a picture of you.

Women and selfies also if you still practice this nonsense you are just a Attention Whore Floozilla.

It's the MACHO MACHINE in the 2017.


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