Monday, January 2, 2017

Stop whining about new gym members

Stop whining about new gym members. 

Most of you running your mouths or posting beat up and corny memes look like you never picked up a weight. Big mouths and no bulk. Those loser guys who spend hours in the gym curling and trying to pick up women. The guys with legs like chop sticks and carrying a gallon bottle of water. The guys who wear gloves and wrist wraps who have a hand shake like a dead fish. The guys who wear jeans to lift and aldo shoes texting on the phone making sure they got a table at the Hookah Bar. You are the joke and guys like me just sit back and laugh.
If it is your first time in the gym and I am there by all means come say hello and if you have a question don't be shy. We all started from the beginning.

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