Tuesday, January 10, 2017


When a society encourages people to be lazy and out of shape I don't see how there is not a heart attack on every street corner. When the cancer of political correctness boasts about "Big is beautiful" and women's "curves" emergency rooms should be filled with palpitating walruses. When you can go out on most any street and count fat and out of shape people as opposed to the Vigorous. The weak will always outnumber the Vigorous. Lazy and weak did not make this country what it is today. The lazy and weak are trying to destroy it by their pussified and useless political correctness cancer. When many women get into a seat of political power they do not wanna govern they wanna mother. Along with feminized men who pander to these women we get weak and lazy applauded instead of abused and ridiculed. The majority of weak, whiny and useless is not a threat to the minority of the Vigorous.

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