Wednesday, January 18, 2017


Political Correctness is a cancer and the cure is found here. Many of you are covered in tumors of Pussification and you children also. The stench of weak and whiny permeates the area. Especially in NYC which is not the Big Apple anymore. It is now The Big Tampon. Women who think they are men and men that think they are women clog the streets like a toilet filled with shit. Delusional weakling's whose genders change like the days of the weak. Well I have the solution. You come see me so I can chop those tumors off with my axe and start the unfuckin process. Or I could do what I would love to do............. TOSS YOU OVER THE FUCKIN WALL. 
The rise of the Old School Vigorous has begun and your feelings and your progressive thinking means nothing.


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