Tuesday, April 25, 2017


The ultimate sign of the times of mindlessness and stupidity is the selfie. Nothing else brings out the lack of critical thinking and brain power then the selfie. Zombies of Pussificaction and political correctness.
Ladies and gentleman the party's over. It's 2017 and I seen enough to come to the conclusion that most of you are becoming mentally retarded. Lack of free thinking, technology and the bullshit nonsense of diverse and progressive thinking is making most of you mentally disabled. For an animal with the most powerful brain on the planet many of you are the walking dead.

-Men don't want to be men and women don't want to be women.
-People walking around identifying themselves as a handicapped manatee or one of the 5,700 made up genders these sub humans made up. 
-The eradication of the tradition American family. 
-Delusional women in political power who want to mothering instead of lead. 
- Men who deny strength and masculinity. 
- Men who listen to women on how to be a man.

I can continue to list reasons why shit is fucked up. I've done it before now it is time for you people to do some homework. WWW.LIVINGTHEVIGOROUSWAY.COM is your resource to unfuckin and Vigorousity. Never too late to change..........


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