Thursday, July 27, 2017


Political Correctness normalizes mental illness and degenerate behaviors. When you have parents encouraging their kids to not be what they are just for their own twisted ideologies they need to be dealt with. You have parents injecting hormones into their under age kids because the kids think they are not what they are. You have boys being pumped with estrogen to be more feminine and girls pumped with testosterone to be more masculine. They justify this because they go to some shrink that tests the kids to see if they are really telling the truth. Which is more disturbing that you have supposedly smart individuals dealing out bullshit because of political correctness. An 8 year old kid don't know shit unless they are coached and encouraged. They do not have formative years like I had and many of my friends had. They are being programmed and brainwashed. But hey political correctness justifies this child abuse and the mentally ill are reaping the benefits. 
Political correctness is a cancer and many of you are covered in tumors of pussification. No free health care can save your useless ass either.


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